Venezuela’s children starve as Maduro refuses to let in aid: Babies are reduced to ‘little bones wrapped in skin’ while crisis continues

Help: Daniela Olmos, president and founder of the Kapuy Foundation, which supports children in situation of abandonment or with serious health problems, including undernourishment, plays with children in Maracay, Aragua state
  • Eight in ten children in Venezuela are at risk of malnutrition in current crisis, experts warn
  • A can of milk for newborns costs 70,000 bolivares, which is around four times the monthly minimum wage
  • Hospital staff say children who are being brought in resemble ‘bones wrapped in skin’ 
  • Despite the crisis, President Nicolas Maduro still refuses to lift blockade of humanitarian aid

As President Nicolas Maduro stages the biggest military drills in Venezuela’s history, and steadfastly maintains a border blockade that is stopping humanitarian aid from entering the country, thousands of children are wasting away and starving to death.

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Hungry children ‘eating from school bins’ in Morecambe

Siobhan Collingwood said children are arriving at school with empty lunchboxes

Siobhan Collingwood said children are arriving at school with empty lunchboxes


Children are arriving at a school so hungry they are searching the bins for food, its head teacher has said.

A cross-party group of MPs has called on the government to appoint a Minister for Hunger to deal with “food insecurity” especially among children.

Siobhan Collingwood, head teacher of the school in Morecambe, Lancashire, said one in 10 of its pupils came from families using foodbanks.

“Unfortunately I’ve got the faces behind the statistics,” she added.

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Nearly two-thirds of children lack access to welfare safety net, risking ‘vicious cycle of poverty’

Photo UNICEF Wathiq Khuzaie A joint ILO-UNICEF report is urging action to ensure that social protection reaches all children, like 6-year-old Mustafa who works with his father in an industrial area of Baghdad, and protects them from poverty and deprivation.

More than six in 10 children globally lack access to social protection, leaving them particularly vulnerable to falling into chronic poverty, the UN said on Wednesday, warning also that some governments are cutting State cash entitlements, amid continuing economic uncertainty.

In a joint report by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), data shows that although a welfare safety net exists for 35 per cent of youngsters overall, that figure drops to 28 per cent in Asia and just 16 per cent in Africa.

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