Thousands of children all over the world suffer because of different reasons. Some of them are ill and can’t be cured, some of them do not have enough food and suffer from hunger and malnutrition, some of them are victims of terror attacs. A lot of countries are stuck in poverty that causes hunger, diseases and social instability. Children are the first victims of these terrible living conditions because they are incapable of protecting themselves or taking care about themselves. Children can have different needs – food, medicine, treatment, shelter, all of them shouldn’t be ignored. We are responsible for those, who are weaker, than we are.

We want to change children’s lives for the better. Kids Charity Fund is a non profit organization that supports children by strengthening their health and welfare. The words “pity”, “mercy”, “kindness” and “help” can be used when talking about our mission. Our organization was created in order to help children in need. We will contribute in saving lives of vulnerable children. We will need your support in our complicated task: imagine you could save a child’s life, will you do it?

We always take care about our family and friends because we know them and love them. Who will take care about about a child who doesn’t have a family? Who will take care about a child who is seriously ill? Hope is everything they have, we can’t disappoint them. We want to change this unjust situation and make this world a better place where every life matters, every person is important.

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