Amir Khairulin

[URGENT] We can help Amir to talk!

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Amir will be 7 years old soon and his peers will go to school. Amir can not get into a regular school, and he will not study with friends, because he still does not talk. His diagnosis: residual organic brain damage in the form of hypertensive syndrome, grade 1 OHS, attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder of a child with dyscirculatory foci of cerebral hemispheres.

Amir underwent rehabilitation courses in the CRCH from 2014, 2 times a year, there was some progress, but not it is not enough … In October 2018, Amir went to Yuncheng ,China for rehabilitation, after this course there was a push in intelligence (acupuncture greatly helped ). Therefore, Amir’s mother, Julia, wants to conduct a similar course in the First Step RC (clinic) in the city of Kazan (acupuncture procedures), and has a hope that it will help him. The course is scheduled for May 2019 and there is not much time left! And Julia has no money for another course, she brings up the boy alone, Amir’s father does not help, since he has a new family.

We really want to help the boy start talkinf and go to school. Amir’s future is in our hands!

Amir Khairulin, 6 years old
City: Leninogorsk, rep. Tatarstan
Required amount: 137,160 rubles. (US$ 2080)

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