Stroller for Misha! He really wants to walk..

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Misha is 2 years old. When Misha was only one year old, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a spastic-hyperkinetic form. This form of the disease is characterized by unstable muscle tone, which can be reduced, elevated or normal. In children, the usual movements are disturbed, they are awkward, sweeping. There are involuntary additional muscle movements of the upper or lower limbs, mimic muscles (hyperkinesis).

Misha’s mother Natalia is raising two children by herself. She turned to us for help in buying a special stroller for Misha, because of his illness, the child “rolls out” off a regular stroller, and she does not have the means to buy a special one, and the government refused to help.

We want to help Misha so that he can walk! Let us help Misha alltogether!

Mikhail Bulgakov, 2 years

City: Kyzyl

Required amount: 105,840 rub. ($ US 1,600)

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