Sergey Odnorukov

Let’s help Sergey. The boy needs a stroller

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Sergey is a very good boy, but he experienced a lot in his 6 years … He was born on the 28th week of pregnancy from the premature rupture of the amniotic fluid. His condition was extremely serious due to moderate birth asphyxia, respiratory disorders, neurological symptoms, etc. He was on artificial lung ventilation for 8 days. For a whole month the boy was in intensive care, where his mother could see him once a day and only through the glass. She could not hug her baby, kiss him. According the mother, Julia, it was the worst month of her life. But this was only the beginning of the trials and struggles for Sergey.

At 6 months, Sergey could not hold his head, could not roll over and, as expected, he did not sit and crawl. Doctors reassured parents that this was due to prematurity, and that the child will develop with a delay of 2-3 months. But over the course of the year, nothing changed, the child could not hold the head, crawl, sit, walk.

In 1 year 2 months Mother and Sergey went to the Volgograd Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital for examination, where they were confirmed for the first time the most terrible diagnosis: cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia, psychomotor retardation. Imagine how the parents felt.

But the family did not give up, and Sergey began to attend various rehabilitation centers and undergo various therapies that were supposed to strengthen him. Permanent use  affected the wheelchair. The handle broke, the wheels began to move, there are no fasteners for fixing the child, which has already had a strong effect on the spine, the seat is practically without foam rubber and the boy is literally sitting on a piece of iron.

The family really needs a new stroller, it also depends on what will be the results from rehabilitation! Let’s help Sergey.

Sergey Odnorukov, 6 years old
City: Volgograd
Required amount: 70,800 rubles. (US $1074)

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