Save kids from the virus

Because of COVID-19, we are all worried about the global pandemic. Coronavirus develops exponentially. The number of infected people is growing and the number of deaths is increasing every day, which causes concern for the entire population of the planet.

Among those infected with Coronavirus, there are also children, but it is very difficult for them to identify symptoms and the infection is asymptomatic or very mild.

Sick kids and the ones that need a long term care are in a great danger as their immune system is weaker than other kids`.

Kids Charity Fund is a non profit organization that supports children by strengthening their health and welfare. We have to support for medical staff taking care of young patients at hospitals.

Sick children are a very sad story for all of us. We are trying to raise funds and strive to awaken in people the desire to become participants in our charity projects.

By donating today, you give your children hope for tomorrow.

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